Beer War

'cause it’s good for you:drink:

who knows that one?

Leinenkugel Honey Weiss !

Bad, bad topic…

Wis,…. I’ll agree on Guinnes but only if it passes “THE TEST”, and that’ almost impossible outside Europe. Beer it’s a pleasure, than why drink bad beer? (Would you use frozen fish for sushi?).
Dick, well…… American Weiss beer? It’s not bad, as long as we don’t call it “beer” (like coffee, that I call here “hot coffee flavored water based beverage”).


Gio -

did you notice - they tried to spell it “BIER” to make you think it’s imported, … even though it is made in middle of Wisconsin in the middle of the country? :verymad:

I have to admit, I also have a fondness for this Chinese beer. Acquired a taste for it while in Beijing in 1997 and it is imported here to the US. Kind of bland and without a 'Bite" - but still OK… Here is what they say about it: ALSO SPELLED TSING TAO - since much of the internal ingedients are imported from Canada and Australia, is this really a Chinese Beer?

“Tsing Tsao beer is a blonde Chinese beer. This beer is light but rather plain. I do recommend it to beer lovers who want to see what our Oriental friends have to offer. My favorite Japanese beer is Sapporo: blonde and light but with a more pronounced taste than Tsing Tsao.”

Tsingtao Beer has a pleasant aroma and a well-balanced taste. Its high-malty flavor and well-hopped character make Tsingtao a refreshing complement to any Chinese meal.


Tsingtao is produced with spring water from Laoshan, a mountain area famous throughout China for the purity of its water. Tsingtao ingredients include the highest quality hops, as well as the finest yeast and barley imported from Australia and Canada. [b]

[/b][b][FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-sariff, verdana]Product Specifics

[/b][/FONT]Alcohol Content: 3.8% alcohol by weight, 4.8% alcohol by volume Calorie Content: 157 calories per 12-ounce serving Fat Content: 0 gm. Original Gravity:
11.0 degrees Plato

Wis - I’m sure you could comment based on both your European heritage and your current Japanese location?

Some VERY good Japanese beer!! Higly recommended!

Dick, I am a VERY big fan of Belgium beer! For me German beer tasts like $hit, but well I don’t like Pils either!

You want GOOD beer, come to Belgium!!

Here some very refreshing one!! In summer so good! but ONLY with lemon!

Belgian Beer…(drooling sonds)… What’s not to love about it.
Wis, I don’t agree on german bier (yes I’ve noticed the spelling Dick, but the slice of lemon and Chippewa Falls was suspiciusly american) - I grew up dinking them and I love them - I have to say that some of the best beer(s) I ever had were home brewed in Prag, especially the dark ones (Nice memories of that fied trip… made me reconsider Budweiser beer too, altough the one made in Budvar).


VERY local…but so good!!! made in Luxembourg…we have 7 brewery…not bad for a small country

Let me drop this one on you - haven’t opened to try yet … not sure what to expect.

Moc Z Charankterem


Polish, I believe - gift from daughter after her visit there in January. Any ideas?

no idea…never had Polish beer…but might be not too bad…give it a try!:party:

So what was the test with the Guiness? It can’t be done outside of Europe?

I have had a beer on every continent, and in more countries than I can remember… I found that there were a LOT of wannabes out there… or something that just wanted to be different. We have a place here in the States called the Flying Saucer, and they keep a minimum of 250 different beers from all over the world. They put your name on a plate and mount it to the wall if you sample a couple of hundred from them and they keep it all on records (your stats) on computer, and of course they are all linked together so you can go to different locations. It took a couple of years, but 2 friends of mine made it. When you get to the magic level, they give you a party and a credit of I forget HOW much towards the beers of your choice… I think it was $150.00 so you and your pals can whoop it up. I like pils, I can handle some of the more stout ales, when I am in the mood for it… but not that often. I did get bounced off a trip in Ireland once… so we went down to the pub, and had a few pints, and then hopped back to Boston, and immediately went to the pub there… and the Guiness was exactly the same as it was in Ireland 5 hours earlier.

i am what i drink enough said. not mud, not american waterdown beer. just pure Canadian. try it once and you will enjoy

The Guinnes test is easy, drink it only if you can float a 1 pence coin on the head of the pint.


Funny you should post the Molsons, while it is not one of my MOST favorite, I do enjoy it,… but Labatts is one of my favorite and ofcourse good ol MOOSEHEAD… can’t go wrong with a MOOSEHEAD by your side. I was based in Detroit for awhile and lived on ANCHOR BAY, the Northside of Lake St.Claire. When it froze over we had our own private hockey rink from December to almost April (this year… nothing!) so I timed it well anyway… and the Canadian ice fishermen would see our lights at 02:00 or 03:00 in the morning and come over and play hockey with me and some buddies. Those were some of the happiest days I ever knew, just stick your beer in the snow bank next to the bench, and MAN did it taste great in about 15 minutes of really hard skating.