BEC and Output Voltage

A Hitec 2 channel receiver with BEC circuit + 7.4 volt battery pack = ??? volts at servos ?

6 Volts at servos?
5 Volts at servos?
“Fried/Toasted” servos?


thanks, Dick

You could try phoning the repair line at Hitec(the number is on the website). I’ve found them to be helpful.

Don - thanks.
Did that - but waiting for a call-back.

Trying to set up internals on my big (F-48) using separate jib and main winches - and I have seen some posts where a BEC steps down 7.4 volts but the same posts seem divided on whether output is 6 volts or 5 volts. I guess it really doesn’t matter, as long as I can get more than 4.8 to each servo, although the more the better.

Thanks for the reply. Dick

IF your winches are powerful, you may want to measure how much currrent they draw and compare that to the current rating for the BEC. I know in the airplane world, BEC’s are often rated at only 1 or 2 amps, which a bunch of servos can exceed. You’ll only have two ,but if they’re very powerful maybe they’ll draw more anyway.

Look at post #2 on this thread:

Thanks for the reference HEW - I looked at that and realized it is how I set up my MultiONE trimaran. I was getting confused with the inclusion of the electronic speed control (ESC) since fliers use them but we don’t. Wasn’t sure if the ESC added or detracted from the equation - and I had never gone above 6 volts at battery pack. The diagram, if I read it right, seems to indicate if I use a “Y” harness with a 7.4 ( or 8 volt) pack, the receiver will allow maximum needed voltage to my HS815 winch, but won’t overload the rudder servo ( model number not handy at the moment). If my servos don’t require a big draw, then I can plug the 7.4 v into the BEC plug and the receiver will handle and step down the 7.4 to 6 volts usable at both servos.

Over on WindPower - a slightly similar discussion is going on - but pertains to Spectrum receivers which (apparently) don’t have a BEC circuit.

Often the more I read, the more confused I get.