just out of curiosity, have any “bearfoots” been completed?

Not here yet Barrett… I am afraid I am too busy for non-business projects at the moment and Angus’ hull still languishes with me until I have some more kits ready for him as travelling companions. But I do have plans to see Bearfoot built this winter. By the way if anyone sees our winter could you send it around please! Mid 50’s and sloppy water still here in Sunny Sheboygan.


Haven’t had a chance yet Barrett. Same excuse as Graham. Yes, getting closer to getting your stuffs Graham…Angus. You can have my winter, I got snow on the ground in sunny Southern California.

My hull is sitting in Graham’s basement waiting to be shipped with some Kttiwake kits for late Xmas presents. I’m looking forwaed to it very eagerly.

hey guys, any progress on these boats?:confused:

Hull is here at top of the pile. Hopefully will not sink (in pile).

smiles :stuck_out_tongue: