"bearfoot" hull complete.

to those of you that were in anyway interested [angus and graham for instance] i have finished tooling up to build copies of my “bearfoot” design. [you can find pics of it at the yahoogroup page under pics. the album is 420sailors pics.]

i should have pics of what the thing will consist of by the end of the evening, but this is it in words: 1 hull, with bracing needed to keep its shape, and the transom installed. it also has spruce strips along the gunwales to attach the deck to. it is primed, and is otherwise bare. weight is 2.4-2.5 oz.
it will go for $20.00 usd, plus s&h.
get a hold of me if interested!

Still interesterd. My email is translate@enterprise.net

You ought to get at least twice what you’re asking.

Do you have a suggested plan for the radio board & deck? It would probably help out the noobs. Or those of us who sent out brains to Florida for the winter.:stuck_out_tongue:

tomo, i have gotten a couple remarks saying that Bearfoot is worth more than i am asking, so the price will go up in the new year… i think it will go to about $40.00.