Bead Bowsie

A while back there was a thread that discussed ways to attach stuff such that it would be movable. Backstays, outhauls, etc…

Has anyone used the bead bowsie method? I recently discovered it. Seems like a nifty gimmick for footys or other boats where space and weight is important.

Find a bead with a hole that will accept three strands of the string that you intend to use. Insert string and then tie a bowline to secure the bead. Run the string up through the bead from the bottom where the bowline knot is…now the string is coming out the top of the bead…take the string back to the bottom of the bead and thread it upwards one more time. Thats it. Now you have an adjustable length string that has a very small object doing the job. This really works!

Maybe all you guys have been using this and I am just behind the curve. If so then forgive me for thinking that I might have discovered something useful to share.

Fair winds