Battery in the yatch

Hi, every body, i know im not a constat member, but i have just change house so i have been discontected for more than a year.

Im pretty sure you have discussed this point many times in the future, but im sorry i didnt chech them.

Can you tellme the best way to conserve the battery in the yatch?
For the moment i use baloons, but i dont know if its the best way.


I just glue the four AA-cells together, and to the hull floor with blobs of silicone. Peels off easily when time for fresh batteries.

In my IOM I use rechargeable batteries. I carry two packs to a regatta and change after about 3 hours of racing.

I have a little platform in the boat to keep the batteries above any water in the bilge. The batteries are held in place with velcro. That makes them easy to swap and remove for charging.

When building, you can anticipate and place in the deck a cheap plastic round pot glued in certain place in order to allow the screwing cap to be removed. I place inside the Rx and battery pack. the wires go out through a hole in the pot wall (upper the better).

Other way is to build below the deck a balsa box and cut a hole in the deck to place in the Rx and batterry. later the hole is covered with adhesive dacron. can look very nice and clean too.

Later some pictures.