Batteries (RG65)

I posted this in New Classes but decided to reopen it here to get more dialogue for this single RG65 subject…

I need help finding the best battery for my RG65 yacht, which is under construction. And for future use… What is the battery perfered by fastest and lightest RG65 builders worldwide?

In my boat: GWS 125 sail servo & a Futaba 3106. I am familiar with 5 cell (6v) packs in US1Ms, and plan to use a 4 cell (4.8v) but it weights 100 grams!

According to martin’s post (#57), I guess the weight is in the Basic range. How do I achieve the Optimum level?*

My pack says 600 mAh. So many choices online. Is this correct for my use, and in general… right mAh for small r/c yachts?

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  • I remember a small battery pack that was in ARG37. HdlQ, care to elaborate?

haeger wrote: I use a 4 cell AAA Eenelop pack. Weight is around 50g. Capacity is 800mAh, which is sufficient for a whole day sailing in light and moderate winds (GWS IQ200 MG & Graupner c261 and a 40MHz synthesizer receiver). In stronger winds you need 2 packs for a day.

Using 2.4GHz R/C equipment may shorten the operating time a bit. Some 2.4GHz receivers cause a signifcantly higher power consumption. May be that this due to the shorter cycle time when refreshing the servo information
Thanks haeger.

The ultimate solution may be the non-rechargeable AAA lithium cells like the “Energizer” types. A pack of 4 x 1.5 V AAA’s isn’t going to weigh much more than 30g (1 oz approx.) and will probably for a whole session. Capacity varies with discharge rates but about 1,000 mAh is probably the case for this sort of application. Even the AA size at double the weight but more than twice the capacity are worth thinking about, especially as they are happier at higher discharge rates. These have been used on Footies to good effect.

We all use the GWS winch servo and a AAA Ni Mh pack of four cells is more than enought. In the worst case, get or build two packs and you are done!!!

These days AAA NiMh can bring up to 1200 Mha, but I will stick to good quality brand and around 900 Mha. more capacity than that comes into the “fantasy dream”.

Hope this can help.

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Yar -

a while back, I gave up on the NiMh types and went back to my long favorite (and reliable) NiCads.

My experience with NiMh is terrible - especially in my cameras, as one shot they work, the next they are dead - no warning, no slower image save - just BANG - and they are done until recharged. I’ve even bounced up to the 2300 MaH ones and same results. Nothing more upsetting than to trek out for a bunch of scenic photos only to have an “unknown” amount of time/images available. Our Sheriff Department has experienced the same thing and they use NiCads for primary batteries in accident scene cameras, but have alkeline batteris in glove box for backup.

I just don’t worry that much about weight, preferring to be assured my batteries are reliable and will last as long as I want to stand there without a “potty break”.

Dick, We differ in that regard. I will go to great lengths to save grams.

Thanks all, for your help. I sail so infrequently that martin, your advice, may be the best. I found this…

… a 4 x AAA case/cover/switch. On eBay & here. (I will put it in a balloon to protect switch).


In the USA RG65 site, there’s a translation I posted of the Spanish newsletter “Good Winds”. Towards the end, there’s an article about reducing weight (of boats, not skippers). You might find it useful.

lipo batteries?