I realized, after some time, that my Readyset mainsail has only one batten, at the top, and is missing the lower four. Being out of warranty, Kyosho will not send me battens, but offered a set of folded sails. They indicate the battens are not available separately.

My request, here, is, what is available, where, and how are they attached? Thanks for any help.


can be any sheet of plastics which ist still flexible enough.
I am using 0.2-0.3mm glass or carbon laminates (but this is for a small boat (RG65) already a little bit stiff) or mylar films (like used in the past for overhead slides). For attaching I use double sided sticky film. You can get it from a sailmaker or a kite shop.

I happened to come upon some old, discolored Mylar which seems to be about 4 mil in thickness. I just cut strips and used 1/4 inch wide double sided tape. I got the tape at a local fabric shop. Look for double-sided permanent tape. Mine cost about $3.00 (US) for 60 yards - way more than needed - but I’m building sails for my Force 2-60 catamaran so will use it there as well. Some of the local guys also use clear silicone as a glue too.

Alan - where are you located?

reference: Joanne Fabrics, Shoe-Goo silicone, etc.

Cheers, Dick

I am in Gaithersburg, MD

OK - then those products/stores mentioned above should be available. If not Joanne Fabrics, you can use Michaels. If you don’t want to “hunt” and just purchase, try Brighton Boat Works they are in California and probably carry most things needed for rc sailing. Dick

MidWest Model Yachting supply a sheet of thin, self-adhesive fiberglass/epoxy batten material, Part # 330: You can cut battens to size with scissors. One sheet will provide enough for several suits of sails. Batten lengths and placement dimensions are illustrated in the SeaWind Instruction Manual (kit version Steps #28, main and Step #31, Jib). I can’t recall if these steps are in the manual that comes with the Readyset but I can supply .pdf copies of old kit version manual to anyone who needs it. Just email me at

I believe some people use old X-Ray films. You may need to soak it overnight to soften the gelatin emulsion which should then wash off under warm water leaving a clear base which has the right flexibility and thickness. Haven’t needed to try that myself yet.

It has been pointed out to me that the new Readyset Instruction Manual does not include information on batten dimensions and replacement since battens are pre-installed. I have added a new page “Technical Tips” to the SeaWind COA web site: on which I have placed a note on Batten Replacement with a link to the original kit Instruction Manual which has full details of dimensions and placement as referenced above.

Alan, this is off topic, but if you are in Gaithersburg MD, consider coming down to Richmond, VA in June for the Seawind R3 regatta. We have a good size fleet here, and are expecting several out of town boats as well.

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