What do you use for battens and how do you attach them? I have tried various plastics and glues/tape and they always seem to curl after a while.

I used super glue, “zapp a gap”, works perfectly. But you should have dacron sails or at least polyester ones. I think if you press it for a couple of hrs they should be less bendable.

I have no experience, but I heard of using plastic cutting boards. Or a baking mat that you might roll out dough on. This may be too stiff, but I think it would allow a uniform bend and would be easily trmmed to desired length and width.


I use strips of styrene plastic, 1/4" (6mm) wide & .040" (1mm) or less thick. They are attached with 1/4" double sided sailmaker’s tape. Care must be given to have the same amount of tension applied to the fabric & batten when laying it down, to avoid wrinkles or curling.
Bill K

Food containers are one source of material. There are pretty box shaped containers that you might find in the bakery section and sometimes in the vegetable section of the grocery store. They are often clear plastic of about the right stiffness. Bill K has the right idea as well as a good admonition.