Basic question on construction

Here I go:

I’m almost ready to attach the deck to the hull, already finished with the rudder setup and everything.

My hull is fiberglass so is the deck (a flat smooth 1 layes of cloth with resin.

How do you guys suggest to attach them?


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I will mix up some WEST System epoxy - add a lot of silica or microballoons to thicken, and have a ridge of thick epoxy around the top of hull gunwales. Place deck in place and hold with masking tape until cure.

Prior to cure, I use a small wood "popsicle’ stick to assure epoxy is forced into the joint between hull/deck. Before applying epoxy, run some plastic packaging tape completely around gunwales to protect hull sides from epoxy drips and runs. Check frequently at first and wipe off any drips on outside of the hull, as when epoxy starts to warm as it cures, it will thin slightly and have a propensity to drip/run. Paper towel will take care of it.

After cure, remove masking tape and make sure you inspect all around hull/deck seam for any pin-holes. Then remove the plastic packaging tape and proceed to finish the hull and deck. I usually radius the deck edge slightly - just a light round-over. If you find any pin holes, mix up small batch of epoxy and smear on using your finger (vinly or rubber gloves) or use another “popscicle” stick.

A second thought… if you have wooden strips around the inside of your gunwales, you could also run a bead of silicone (clear) and it will glue deck to hull - but I have found it somewhat messy, and always questionable when it gets time to paint. Good concept if you don’t wnat/can’t mix up small amounts of epoxy - but silicone sealer will sometimes repel paint. Better to use inside hull where painting isn’t an issue.

Finally you can use CA glues and let it “pull” itself under deck in joint, but hard to tell if you missed any spots that may leak later.


Thanks for the reply! I have three bulkheads along the hull (two amidships and the other 3 inches from the bow, as well as a support beam runnning from the bow and to the first bulkead. I think I can epoxy the deck to it first, and after it cures proceed carefully along the gunwale.

I can finish it up latter with some resin, to make sure I dont have any open holes. Makes sense?


The more I practice, the luckier I get.

I’d use a slow hardener (15 minutes pot life) and do it all at once. That way you can shift the deck slightly if you find a bit short (or long) overlap along one hull edge.

Let cure overnight and you can sand any exposed epoxy down to the hull tape. Keeps from scarfing up the hull along the deck line.

That makes even more sense, thanks!


The more I practice, the luckier I get.