Barefoot Orange Crush

Not a new Drink. I am building my second Papaya III, where I will experiment in re-positioning the mast to use the 507 Footy una rig based on the Centere of Area being in the same position as that of the Papay III rig in relation to the hul. It should not be too far away as the 507 rig is designed to be fitted in the same mast position as the sloop swing rig, but I digress. It would be fun to compare a planked hul to a moulded one, so to keep it chap and cheerful the Orange Crush and Bearfoot look good candidates if shipping is not prohiative to the UK. However without some hint as to where the designer thought the Fin and rudder should be and the CLR of fthe hull at say 30 deg heel this may be a bit beyond me at this time. Anybody care to comment on their experiences /detailsof one or both of these hulls.

Well UshCha, both of your boat names are design names for boats here in the US. Use the forum search feature to look up places where a potential name might already be in use. This would prevent any confusion when discussing a boat’s attributes here.

I already seached for the names on the data base but the data I wanted was not forthcomming and the thresds were old. I hoped there may be new owners. The fact that they are US boats matters little as the postage is unlikely to be prohibative.

UshCha, you may be missing the point. Both boat names you have chosen are already in use by their respective designers. Regardless of where you plan to ship your boats, it just wouldn’t be right to usurp them.