Ball raced gooseneck

Are most of you using them ?
What are the benefits ?
Are they worth the extra money they’re asked for ?



Mine is a homrmade gooseneck. it works fairly good, butit was a real PITA to get the balls lined up just right, so the vang-boom-gooseneck geometry doesn’t bind.

Now this is from someone who dosen’t do bigtime racing so for what it’s worth. I found little or no difference between ball raced and bushed. I use a 1/8" brass pin and aluminum tubing for bushings. I sail in light winds and my main swings as easily as I could want. One thing to check is to make sure that the boom swings as easily with and without sails. I have found that the cunningham(or downhaul) can add a lot or resistance to the boom swing. Also the allignment of the gooseneck pin can cause grief. If the pin isn’t in line with the mast it can loosen the leach on one tack and tighten it on the other. This can be mis-interpreted as bind. See Lester’s site for more on this.

Thanks for the advice.

I finally decided to go for the ball raced gooseneck.

Mostly for the “Bling factor” :shades: