Backstay Tension

If a generalization had to be made about backstay tension (on a fraction rig), what would it be when related to points of sail. Would you want the most tension downwind or upwind? If you want you can rate the points of sail with (tight, tighter, tightest)

Close Hauled-

Beam Reach-

Down Wind-

Again this is a generaliztion and I relaize that there will be circumstances where this doesn’t apply and they could be rather often, but I’m just trying to get an idea here.

Beating, tightest, some mast bend to flatten the main as appropriate, ( note that mast bend moves centre of sail draft aft, so use cunningham to bring it forward)

Reaching, less tension, straight mast

Running, tension off, straight mast, let rig tilt forward to induce lee helm…takes boat down wind with less steering input from the rudder.