Back to Monohulls for the AC!

Well, at least in SF, you won’t be seeing any cats, because they’re scaring the birds, according to a $150,000 USGS study.


So we’ll be seeing the old monohulls in 2015…

This is a spot New… !!
Why ‘old’ mono hulls ? we can make it better !! eheh

Sorry… the Ol’ AC monohulls…

In the AC rumors topic, some talked about how the AC45s are the new and better way to compete for the Cup, and that the IACC monohulls are too old or out-of-date to re-develop or to improve.

I see the point of the article, that there is a large migration of birds due there (San Fransisco Bay) about the time of the LV Cup and America’s Cup, but it’s dumb to say that the AC45s are going to be the problem. There are large migrations of birds all over the world at different times of the year. Where I live, geese migrate in large groups and rest in fields and ponds by the highways. Should we close down the highways of America to protect birds?? Should residents by these ponds be kept prisoner in the houses so they don’t scare the birds??

There are sailboats there in S.F. bay all year long, and many much faster motorboats too. The AC 45s don’t make more noise than any ‘normal’ sailboat or motorboat. The speed or noise of the boats isn’t the problem; more likely it’s the schedule or the placement of the course.

In any case, the lawsuits are just dumb, and it’s just another dumb way some left-wing people act.

It seems you can’t have just an America’s Cup event. There has to be something to snag things and cause a legal battle or get some kind of controversy. But birds??