AWK and Moonshadow; Highnoon

What ever happened with the Stollery AWK vs. Richardson Moonshadow showdown?

AWK - no show. Moonshadow not claiming anything!


Well, bummer! I was really curious since these two boats represent the far edges of Footy design.

I expect the sceptical amoungst us would say that the AWK fraternity were worried. I suppose its closer to the truth to assume that Footys don’t come very high on the " have I packed everything " list when you’re off to an I0M Nationals meeting.

So, if Moonshadow really is as easy to sail as Graham Elliot suggested, then why don’t we lend it to Gary and let him insinuate it into a Guildford or Frensham Pond meeting next year, since these are the home venues of most of the AWKs, Ants and Bugs.

I suggested Gary because Guildford and Frensham Pond are relatively close to home for him and I don’t expect to see Graham at many Footy meetings next year.



That’s a FINE idea & a good sugestion Trevor. I would be more than happy to do that, only i’m not sure I am quite the measure of Graham, but would certainly give it my best shot. There is no one more keen to know the outcome of this one than me, & I know I am amongst a good number. I will talk to Graham & Angus to see what if anything can be arranged.


Go Gary! Up Team South Africa!! :zbeer:

What is an AWK? I have seen frequent mention of it, but nothing very descriptive.

Walt this is an AWK ~ do not have any other piccy’s sorry

I should have one somewhere around