Avast me hearties!

Tomorra’ Sept the 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

In honor of the occasion.

Shivver me timbers - dere’s only five hours to go! Why didn’t you tell me earlier

To my shame, I’d forgotten about it till it was mentioned in the A Word A Day email:scared:

I translated me homepage t’ pirate speak just t’ honor t’ day. But alas, me web host is gone to Davy Jone’s Locker takin’ all hands with 'er.

So, feast yer worthy eyes on this instead!


At one time, my boys and I could sing all the verses to this. They always made me sing Larry’s part. At Disney in Florida, we were going to sing it while waiting in line for the pirate ride, but they got shy on me. They even had their Larryboy tee shirts on.

The buttons look like they would be tough to hit with your hook…


With “The Pirates of Woodlawn” the theme for the Woodlawn sailing club, you can imagine what the 19th is for us…


Visited your web site. Wow. You make big R/C boats!

everything is BIG in TEXAS

Even the voices! [SORRY, COULDN’T RESIST IT :slight_smile: ]