Australian RC multihull sailors

To all people in Australia that are currently sailing rc multihull’s or would like to get into them please let me know. I am still trying to get them recognised officially here and we need racing happening consistantly in three states before the Australian governing body will look at us officially.
The Queensland fleet is growing all the time, and by the states in October I would expect that we will have around 20 boat’s entering.

Please contact me through here or at my e-mail address.

Peter Birch

G’day Peter

I am interested in Multihulls as I am a beginner to which I would like to get into the sport. I am from Victoria.

Hi Peter -

I have a line on a fellow from down there. Is trying to sell a catamaran. Just back from Horse Show - as soon as I have time I will dig out his info and send it to you by email.



Peter’s post is dated:
01-10-2005, 07:01 AM

Last time he posted here, he wasnt willing to come back!

Hmmm - missed that. Oh the fun of changing forums and bringing old posts forward. His showed up in my “New Messages” - thought he was back. Hope he would return.

yes, I had the same problem, I guess we all had that one

The contact in Victoria for multihull sailing is Andrew King in patterson lakes.

Peter can be contacted in Queensland.

Apparently the Queensland fleet is going quite well with ten boats racing.

I’m in Victoria Australia, and am looking forward to my boat being on the water shortly.


Hey John -

thanks for making yourself and club known to those of us here in the North!

Can you post any Club URL’s please? Much appreciated. Sail fast.

Hello to all. I’ve come back for the soul purpose of trying(still) to promote the multihull class.
We have boat’s on the way in Victoria, with upto ten waiting for them. The Victorian contact is Andrew King. Drop me a line and I can put you in touch with him.
The Queensland fleet has member’s coming and going so we are still hovering around 10-12 member’s.

As for the boat that was being built for Wis, it is still being built. To complete it, it needs the the beams faired in then painted and the sheet leads etc fitted and the sails attached to the rigs.

My old boat was sold to Andrew King in Victoria as a type of pace setter for there new boat’s. He was after something that was up and going to give them an idea of where they are at.

That’s it for now.


Welcome back.:zbeer:

Hi Dick,thanks.
How are thing progressing in the US?
Still having the same problems or is it improving?

We have lots of interest, but lack a builder with the time etc to produce boats, as people are after ready to sail boats rather than having to build themselves.

I’m hoping things improve for us after the IOM world’s this month. Plenty of talk from IOM sailors about wanting to give multi’s a go.

Fingers crossed.


We went “stagnant” for a bit - not that we were “humming along” either. Ian Sammis had dropped off the radar screen with his NIGHTMARE cats and tri configurations. Seems that darn old issue of a job interferred. He is again back in Kansas and ready and willing to produce boats - from hulls only all the way up to full kits or completed boats. (hope I’m not selling him down the river)?

There has been a bit of information exchange/questions and a few are buying plans. I have finally pulled the WATER RESIST out and started laying up glass hulls to be removed from the foam plugs. Of course, I’ve run out of glass and reordered, but also had a few horse shows and have a few more - so busy with lots to do.

Nothing else new - no new models (or even old ones) out of the Mircrosail camp, and a few of the current F-48 owners are getting “itchy” to get their boats on the water in some organized meeting. Waiting for AMYA to hold an OPEN event was futile, but new secretary now, so want to give him a chance and see if he can pull together an OPEN class type of regatta.

A few boats also being built overseas and hope some photos will soon arrive for them. The “test” 28 incher of GHOST TRAIN made it’s debut sail, but the owner was transferred to Hawaii, and haven’t heard much. Had a composite builder in Michigan offering hulls and he was going to do a set of demo hulls for me to finish out to try on water, but last few emails went unanswered. They are automotive related industry so perhaps they are having economic setbacks too.

Not much else from this end. Cheers

Multihull Sailors

A few of us over here have decided to have a serious go at building boat’s for sale. The plan is to get things going by first building really good molds then producing two complete boat’s before advertising anything for sale. In this way we feel that we won’t have the problem like the unfortunate situation of last year between myself and Wis.

One of the people involved has found that he can send complete boat’s (2 x floats, 1 x main hull and beams to be assembled by the buyer) to the US very cheap.

Masts will need to be purchased by the buyer but sails can be roughly cut and then finished to suit the new owners masts.

More as it comes to hand.


Hello Peter - Good to hear about the build plans.

I followed up on a boat (cat) for sale from down there, - great price, but almost the same for freight when mast was included. I think that really is the key to spreading the word - get a few built and sailing, then build one more and sell the first, and so on. Trying to pin hopes on a big retail market for these things is crazy, as most want to wait and see how they perform, and if more are purchased.

Up here in the US, I believe a real key is to get enough built and together to have a regatta - even if small numbers. We need to start somewhere.

There is a fellow (Chris Staiger) who sailed and still has an old 36 inch trimaran from the first US efforts back in the 1980’s (as I recall). Once horse shows are done this fall, I want to correspond with him and get more info out of the history and what happened. It is my understanding the class had been recognized for a while, then faded from view. He is the first person I have found who actually had a boat for the class - so hope I can learn more from him.

Keep us posted with how the program goes, and good luck with the effort.

as long as the mast is in 2 parts it should be ok!

Had my whole IOM sent, shipping wasn’t a killer at all (boat arrived 5 days after being sent)…was very surprised!

Wis -

keep in mind that FedEx and most others use a circumference of the package thing… Length plus circumference around must be less than ???

I ran into this when I sent Cougar my C&C 41 hull. It was 1 inch too large for US Postal Service (clerk asked if I could shorten the box by 1 inch - Ha!) so had to go UPS. Even they measured and I think a I had a total of about 2 inches to spare.

With the F-48/Mini40’s - the hull is already 4 feet long - plus an inch or so at each end. Add in the circumference of the shipping container (12 inches x 12 inches) and you wind up with a measurement of 4 feet in circumference plus 4 feet in length for an overall total of 8 feet!

Email me off-line if you will? Interested in what freight was if you don’t mind me asking.

there you go,

Total weight: 8.590 kilo
Australian Post: 99.50 Aussie dol (about 76 U$)

Size in cm:devil2:

The measurement that you are showing doesn’t work for a mini40/f-48. 104 is shorter than 122 which is the length of the boat’s, then you need to add some more for packaging.

I sent my old boat to melbourns australia in a crate that measured

1.3metres x 1.3 metres x.37 metres. Masts where sent in one pieces wrapped in bubble wrap and were 2.3 metres.

The new boat idea is probably going to take around 1 year to get off the ground(if it does), then about 6-12 months after that first boat can? be up for sale. So two years we might be on our way.


Well the new boat is finally ready to go sailing. Finished it today. Some cosmetics to do like pin stripping and sail numbers but there’s nothing left to stop it sailing.

Will let you know when it’s been sailed if it is as good as I hoped it would be.

State titles are on in two weeks so plenty of tuning to do prior to that event.