Attention 12 Meter Yacht Fans


I have the following three magazines that are in decent but used condition (not mint). They are FREE to anyone wanting them.

<center>Summer 1985
A USYRU Publication
soft cover, 72 pages

November 1986
Double Issue
America’s Cup Souvenir Special
soft cover, 182 pages

Winter 1986
Challenger’s Series Issue
soft cover, 78 pages</center>
Note that these are “lightly” used magazines and would make great reference and informational issues for anyone that finds the old 12 Meter Yachts significant. A great addition to any magazine library.

They are free to anyone in US or Canada - just use the “PRIVATE MESSENGER” feature on this forum to send me your mailing address. Cleaning house and they must go. Would rather give to someone instead of the paper recycling guy. First message gets all three. Sorry for those who read this too late.

dick i would love to take them . read, americas cup racing rules

Use “Personal Messenger” or email me your mailing address - they are yours. Remember - these are 12 Meter magazines - not the “NEW” IACC style boats. !

lol dick
yes i know they are 12 meter. but they did race and you do learn about them. i love racing period. the people involved and the boats. so for information sake . this is a good deal. and anybody who want the info just pm me and i will se about getting it to you
cup forever