Attaching Main to Mast

What is best way to attach the mainsail to the mast? I now tie loose Spectra (Spiderwire) loops at luff where seams “meet” mast but want a way to change sails easier/faster.

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Just one method that I use to make sail changes easy without having to replicate a rig for each size sail I may use/have. Sew bra hooks to leading edge (luff) of mainsail and snap them on to the jackline. You can also use the small cotter pins and fit to trailing edge of round carbon mast - or to aluminum mast. This one happens to be for a “less expensive” mast of wood.

EDIT: Added - with the slot cut into the wood, the luff actually fits inside the luff. By pulling, there is enough slack in the wire to allow easy attach/removal of the bra hooks from the wire.

or you can check out lester’s page at

Thanks Dick, Ed,
I read the previous thread via your (Dick) link with your suggestion of “option #3”. The tie with the 3/8" gap has always worked for me in the past; the main jibes, reacts with ease, just wish there was another similiar tool; like using a thin wire, twisted like a “twist-tie”. Someone needs to invent a micro nylon zip-tie. Would something like this work out of a springy wire?

I think what you’re thinking of is the metal clips used on older bicycles to attach the brake cables to the tubes. Except those are bigger.

dental floss works fine and is light weight too

Yar, the springy wire clips do work, that is the method used by a number of the AC15 sailors in my club.
They should be made from hard stainless wire. Simply bend around a former, twist and then trim to suitable length.
Mind your fingers as it is easy to stab yourself with the ends.:yell:

I do not use them as I tie my main to the mast.

Try it and see. Best of luck.:jester:

Pro Boat luff rings.

or you can always use some of these

Excellent, excellent. Thanks guys. The spectra (or floss) ties are obviously the lightest, and possibly less likely to bind, but I’d like to think I’ll want to change sails “quickly” once I am skilled enough to have a set or two of my own construction.

Ed, the clip pictured on your left thumbnail are the nicest of the lot. Didn’t see them at sailsetc but maybe I could make a version. Thnx.

I used dental floss until I found large split rings at the local hobby, craft store (Micheals) I found them in the make it your self jewlery section I think they are used for earing or something. something like 50 for two dollars they work great, approx 3/4 inch dia for a 1/2inch mast.

you can get the twisted wire type from Great Basin Model Yachting

I thought of a way to easily make mast rings of precise size and mass produce them. You could make a “Jig” which whould be nothing but two nails in a block of wood. The two nails would be the exact distance apart that would equal the circumference of the desired ring. To make the rings you could cut a piece of thin wire like rigging wire, twist a tiney loop in one end, twist another loop about half the distance between the nails from the first loop, and then place the end loop on one of the nails. Then bend a hook in the other end of the wire around the other nail. Cut away excess. Bend it in a circle. Instant mast ring. you could even form the second loop directly on the sail to avoid the second step of tying it to the sail. To attatch to mast, inert hook into loop. Removable sail

Actions speek louder than words though, must give this a try.(Havn’t)