Attaching keel fin to a Footy

Does anyone have a really good way to attach the keel fin to a footy so that you can detach the fin and/or change fins. It would be nice to be able to experiment with fin lengths etc without major surgery. I am about half way through building a Razor design Footy.


Hi Dave,

I’m not sure if it qualifies as good, but I make a small keelbox about 1 inch tall, 3/4" bow to stern, and 3/8" beam. I’ve been using sheet plastic for it, including closing off the top, which I drill for a screw that goes into the fin. The top part of the fin, of course, is cut to the shape needed to fit into the box. One of these days, I’ll standardize on it, so all my fins will fit the keelbox in all my Footys.

Bill H

I build my keel box to fit the top of the fin. I use a pin through the side of the keel to hold it. With the keel box glued in, about the only thing you can do is to change the length.