attaching jackstay

I am about to build up a set of 3 rigs using Black Magic ones with the jacksaty option.

The practical thing is how and were to attach de top and bottom end of the jackstay.
Should it need to be tensioned?? How much?

I am planning to tie the top around the mast crane tube and the bottom with dyneema with a loop under the boomvang, but it does not look clean as much.

I am sure there should be a more efficient way to do it.

Any input is welcomed.


Tato Lazo

Hi Tato.

I am about to do much the same for my new IOM and struggling with the same questions.

Here is one concept from Lester’s site.


Here is how I set up my jackline for attaching mainsail to mast. In this case, it was a wooden mast, and using a plywood blade I first cut a slot down the center of the trailing edge. Insterted cotter pins, attached wire a top of mast to crane, thread down and through epoxied cotter pins. Added a small brass wood screw with cross drilled hole near base of mast. Insert stainless steel jack “wire” through the hole, and when screwing the wood screw into the mast, it also tightened up the wire in the luff groove much like a guitar string is tightened. I used “bra hooks” on the leading edge of mainsail and simply “snapped” them onto the wire. I liked it because it held the luff of main inside the groove of the mast.

Drawing for clarity attached. Just another idea.