At last...

Finally, almost 2 years late…

I get to go sailing…

My V-12 “STOMP”

my V-12 actually managing to sail - it needs a bit of wind before it actually starts working - until this puff, it was reminding me of a flying-fifteen - going sideways very easily, and not responding to any rudder inputs in the current calendar year. Once the wind got up a little, it started to work very well, so with the initial shakedown sail completed with no disasters - Im up for sailing in deeper water.

My Micron “first-foot”

ok, the disasters were saved for this one… After it managing to sail rings round the V-12 in the “no-wind” conditions, Dennis’s Sails looking particularly good, the boat appearing reasonably well balanced (in light airs!!)… the one bit I wasnt convinced was strong enough - the rudder to servo connection - broke, so todays lesson - always take a small child who likes water…

Roll on this weekend for another try - steering mechanism has been redesigned, re-enforced, and rebuilt.




I have taken the liberty of adding STOMP to the known Footy names database on the yahoo group.