As if I needed another hobby

Hi there!

I’ve been looking at RC sailboats, web sites, and build logs for months. Time to try my hand an building one from scratch!

I think I’m going to try one of the IACC120 boats, despite not living in Italy :slight_smile:


edit: by the way, I live in Texas, USA

Welcome to the forums, Kevin. Wher in Texas? There are several pretty active fleets around the state, with a wide variety of RC sailboats.

I’m in San Antonio. I know there’s a big group here that sails IOM boats, but really I wanted to built something more for (A) like an art project, and (B) just to sail by myself, kind of just to unwind. Maybe later I’ll try an IOM and join those guys :slight_smile:

At least go by and say Hi! I know there are a several bigger boats there, a Marblehead and a 10 Rater. There is a lot of plain old fun sailing along with some informal racing with a “run what ya brung” format.

I have had my eye osome of these on this web site.


Hey Kevin,

If your thinking about a AC120, why not join us in a AC100 build?

It is a bit smaller and easier to transport, you could theoretically race in with IOM’s if you did some slight modifications, and based on the designers experience, it should sail really well.


Hey Kevin

Last year, at this time, I got the bug. Never built anything before, never sailed. I was inspired by the “Dual Build” thread, and just started. Took my time, spent many hours measuring and prototyping next steps. Typically 2 to 4 hours a week.
My NZL-92 hit the water last weekend, and I could not be happier or more proud!

So just do it! And feel free to ask questions, I am more than happy to help.


Hi Brian,

I’m actually following those builds that you and Alan (K1W1) are doing. They’re all Claudi designs just like the USA 36 I’m going to do. Transportation isn’t too much of an issue for me- I have a Suburban for towing my real boat. I guess I just wanted something a little bigger, especially if I’m copying an AC boat.

Believe me, I’ll be keeping an eye on your builds though!!


Hi Mike,

I will probably take you up on that help offer! I too was inspired by that same thread, and also reassured by the fact that there was so much input and assistance from previous builders, not to mention Claudio’s help in that one!

That really was the kicker for me in deciding what to build. There are too many RC classes where you go to their class website, and the top of the page is something like “Regatta results from the 2004 Championship!!” and you can’t even figure out how you would go about building or buying one of their boats :slight_smile:

I think the part I will get stuck on will be the rigging. Everyone always posts dozens of pictures of the hull as they are laying on balsa strips, but by the time they get to rigging, they are tired of taking pictures and there are just a couple final rigging pictures LOL