Article Postings (prototype Concept)

Just screwing around with a somewhat proof of concept on an article submisssion system. (Looking for something that was suggested in previous postings (see trouble getting AMYA magazine)
) I decided to try out a content management system. The address is

The system allows users to create an account and submit news and articles that can then be reviewed edited and posted on the main page. It is neat in that it is very easy to submit formated articles (with pictures and everything) that can also be turned into pdf format on the fly.

So if you have some time to mess around and would like to test it, out go for it!

Currently news/articles submitted are subjected to admin review before posting. (So if you post an article/news don’t expect it to show up right away)

I would also encourage you to leave feedback by replying to this topic. Feel free to tell me anything (like did you like it, dont like it, dont think it will work, etc…)

(I m pretty open to just about anything)