"Art" boats

greetings all-
Just a bit of show and tell of my Art boats


can boats not just be Art but “High” Art? should they be?

Thanks, John. Those are alot of fun!!
Bill K

nice looking boats…


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Thanks John.

Looking around your site a bit, I love the Riptide. I really must get around to building a vintage M one of these years. It’s on the “to do” list.


The “Riptide” is a great boat. I’ve been tinkering with mine for years and it still has room for improvement. When she first kissed the waves she was about two pounds overweight, so she’s been on a diet of removing lead shavings bit by bit. It seems like a design that was ahead of its time. The sharp entry goes through waves like a hot knife through butter. Last time I raced it was blowing hard and there were a bunch of Hitec M’s around. We were scored separately but it seemed like we Vintage M’s were even beating some of the Hitecs. I also love the shallow keels of Vingate M’s which can go in places others can’t.

I’m sure you’ve seen theres a site that sells glass “Riptide” hulls?


Yes, I’ve seen that class hulls are available (the Riptide II). Somehow, if I were to build a vintage Marblehead, I think I’d want to go for traditional construction methods too. I have the lines drawing off the USVMYG site tucked away for future use. I see you have .dxf files available too. I might be investing in those in a year or so.