Arm sail servo or drum winch sail servo???


I have just finished my first and beatiful class 2 landyacht ( 75 cms. wide, 100 cm. long and up to 150 cms tall) I just need to place the electronics aboard and I will be ready for the first test.
I need some advice here, since many pictures shows a arm servo instead of a winch. I do have a hi tech 1/4 scale winch servo and at this time there are no arm servo this size in the hobby stores around , they are out of stock. By “around” I mean 1000 kms. far away, the only one in Chile who stocks R/C items)

Considering the sail travel is not to long I guess the winch will be useful, programing the radio to avoid over ride. Also I would like to try the winch and save the money avoiding order a new servo from tower hobbies…or should i take the out the 1/4 scale servo i have in a 27% extra 300 rudder control???

Any input is welcomed.

Tato Lazo.

P.D. Yes I know…you would like to see some pictures !!!

I have one of the first prototypes of the Stiletto class landsailer.

I use an arm winch laid on it’s side and a neat curved arm that fits the inside curvature of the upper “hull”

Always has worked very well and as mentioned, short throw, no need for a drum which can more easily get fouled!

Tato -
by far, the arm winch is faster than a drum. Also, you seldom let the sails all the way out since you are usually close-hauled and sailing in very strong apparent wind - and downwind - same thing - Gybe/broad reach - DON’T run.

In either direction you are generating a lot of apparent wind and will most always be sailing close-hauled. Should you begin to “heel” - the faster winch “dumping” wind will bring you back down. If you want to thrill watchers, you can get good on the winch stick to hold the yacht is a heeled position on only two wheels - of course steering into the wind will also bring the platform down so you are back on three wheels.

Lots of fun (landyachts, ice boats and multihulls) and a whole new way of sailing techniques. Have fun - good luck


OK, Dick and Saildoggie:

This afternoon I will unbolt the 1/4 scale servo from the extra 300 and place it on the landyacht. I guess 35º of travel each side for the sail should be enought, so the arm should be half size long than in a 1meter sailboat, 2.50" to 3" should be OK.

for steering I am planning to use a regular futaba 148 and a pull-pull system, just for the first try. But i think a normal torque servo is not enought to handle the heavy nose wheel. Any thoughts about this???

Tato Lazo

Pull-pull has worked very well on pre-production Stiletto model using just a standard servo, plenty of sterring control and power.

Do study the angle of the "forks’ to the wheel, angled forward will be best, gives you much added “camber” when you turn the wheel, otherwise your nose wheel will skids when it turns.

last night I placed the arm servo aboard the landyacht. I made an aluminum arm of 8 cms. long with holes every 1 cm. finally I moved the sheet from the last to the middle hole ( 4,5 cm. radius) and it gave a travel od 35 to 40º to the sail.

Today I will set up the steering with a futaba 148 and if there is enought wind at night I will make the first race at the small supermarket parking yard near by.

Adding all the time used to build the ar. I could probably build another one within this saturday and sunday working all day…but lest try this one first and then seek for a landyachting fellow to make more interesting.

Tato Lazo

When sailing - watch out for cars, curbs and lightposts ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everybody

Bad luck…yesterday I fiited the sail sheet, the steering pull pull, used a plastic tie for the Rx battery, went out to the street running with the landyacht in my hand and the Tx in the other and…MURPHY´s LAW…there was n´t any wind!!!

so i kicked the yacht along the block to the corner and return just to check the turn radius. It seems appropiate…let´s se if today I have some luck with the wind. In case not, i will use my FLING hand launch glider.

Stay tuned!!

Tato Lazo