just wonderd if there is anyway of geting away with a shorter arial as at present im runing it up the mast and as i am using a swing rig its not helping it swing thinking as the boats are so small the ditance they need to go isnt to far so a reduce in range wouldnt be a major loss. any ideas?

i just coil my antennas up in the bow. so far i have found no range penalty…

Similarly I have run my arial around the inside of the hull as high up as possible, then the remaining 3" or so pops out vertically. I tape that to the mast but you could have it exit on the rear deck and run it up a short length of plastic tube. The thin straws you get on the cardboard drinks are handy.

With this arial I have sailed much further out than any footy course I have been on without any problem. 75Mhz this is.

Graham McA

cheers thankscjust done that and had no problems just left bout 3 inchs on the deck.