Argentina RC Sailing

I was in Buenos Aires in March and saw RC sailboats on a new pond in Plaza Republica de Uruguay, on Avenida del Libertador. Does anyone know what class boats they are sailing? I will be returning soon, and want to sail there… anyone reading this an RC sailor from Buenos Aires?

I think this is what you are looking for:



Muchas gracias for the link. Now I must translate but very glad to have your information. RG-65 must be the class I saw yet no photo shows the park I visited. Maybe some Parque Norte club members are using it as another location closer to central BsAs.
Regards, Yar

Hi Yar

The yachts might have been the South American ULY, a restricted IOM. Contact is Luiz Eduardo Gomez “adlee” at “” Good luck!

Follow up (for anyone interested in BsAs RC sailing);

Went to Buenos Aires per original post. Tiga’s link got me to another link which put me in contact with members of Club Argentino de Yatemodelismo, the premier rc yachting club in that city. An extremely warm reception by members, and two boats loaned to me for as many regattas. Skilled and passionate group. RG65 is great class, saw beautiful examples and innovative designs with exceptional rigging details.

Saludos to CAYM if anyone in Buenos Aires is reading this.