"ARES" - a new Aussie IOM

Have to give a plug for this. The young builder/designer, Darren Searle, let me loose with his new IOM last Sunday and I was really impressed. Considering I missed the first two races, the results were great ( a first and three seconds - see latest news at http://www.rcyachts.net/results/Nthlakes/2004/Round%2010/imagepages/main.htm ) at least by my standards. He is just setting up shop and has been peering over Jeff Byerleys shoulder and looking closely at Bantock designs (as you would). Considering he handed me a pistol grip handset (wheel and trigger) which made me zig when I should have zagged too often to count, I really can’t complain, even if I developed RSI. His own url is http://www.searle-rcy.com/ and a few pix can be found at my own IOM pix site at http://home.bytesite.com.au/~nick/darren08thumbnails.html

The new number is #21, but it is the same (and only) boat.

The wind range was 10-15 knots. The price (sans radio and rig is $990 Aus). Pretty well built with a good finish.

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