are hobby in the spot light

check out the photo in the upper right.

I can only “assume” the America’s Cup committee have paid sufficient revenue/funding to allow use of “OUR” radio control boats to promote “THEIR” America’s Cup ?

… seeing they were big “weenys” about letting “us” use their logo. Hmmmm - notice the cup logo on the one boat? Wonder if that builder/owner paid for it’s use?

Bitter ? - You bet !


what boats are they using? sort of look like a ac 15. but I would assume the mast are bigger on those. they are not ac20. the hulls look right . and as an after thought. they could be using the boats fromt he french club. so they could be ac20

Those boats look an awful lot like CR-914’s. The sail shape (though the boats are highly decorated) looks very similar, and the keel design is exactly the same, with the bulb projecting aft of the keel fin. The Victoria also has that design. However, they’re definately too big to be Vics.

My guess is that they’re highly decorated (painted, etc.) CR’s.

Just a guess though!


Well, after looking at that latest pic Wis sent the link for, it’s probably not a CR, but it’s similar. The booms are different, and the deck is different, but below the water it looks much the same. I’m at a loss! It does look like a 36" (914mm) boat though.