Look up “foiler” under search to retrieve some mutiONE discussions on stability etc.
One of the most important considerations in an rc multihull is how are you going to keep it upright in medium and heavy air. Does it need multiple rigs or does it have a reefing system? What systems, if any, have been incorporated to reduce or eliminate pitchpole? How hard is it to learn to sail in those conditions? Does the boat turn turtle in a capsize? Is the radio gear protected in the event of a capsize? Other questions: Does the boatt tack in lite and heavy air? Will it get into irons and if so will it capsize backwards in heavy conditions? Is it designed for a removable movable ballast system? Is it designed for rudder T-foils and or full flying hydrofoils? Does it come with anti dive planes? Is the mast sealed in the event of capsize?
If you get a well designed boat you will be in for some of the most exciting sailing of your life!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

[:-mouse] I have finally got my <font color=“purple”><font size=“2”>Trimaran </font id=“size2”></font id=“purple”>on the water after many years of it sitting around the workshop. In just three outings I have experienced all those things which DOUG writes of.[:-weepn] Man it is frustrating.[:-weepn] I am planning to try foils as the answer to some of the challenges and will try to keep everyone up to date on developments. Sailing day tommorow, but it is currently blowing like a banshee outside which is not condusive to fun with multihulls.[:-snorkel]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

If you get the chance read the heavy weather sailing tactics written by Andy McCullough. I have been sailing and racing r/c Multihull’s with by club now for a few years. We now can control our boats in winds up to 35 knots without capsizing, takes a hell of alot of concentration but it can be done. Reduce sail add a t-foil rudder and try to anticipate what is coming. React first. Multi’s will still sail very quickly with number 3 rigs. Although the idea is to be over powered as you have better control, but try not to over do it.

[^] Thank you for the advise PETER I am sure that just as with other skills it will simply take time and practice to come up to speed as it were. My TRI is definatly over canvassed in it`s present suit for anything over 7-8 knots. I rigged up a micky mouse storm suit using an old EC12 jib on a sloped mast to bring the centre of effort back.[:-bunny] Looked cool,reached OK, would not tack, So I will have to build a proper small rig to sail here in Wellington where it blows hard and in short gusts. Your club site is great fun.[:-bonc01]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.