Aquataur Yachts

I am very fascinated by the aquataur models - the A600 and the MPS.

Does anyone have any experience sailing them, or comments about them?

It seems as though they would have great performance advantages over a traditional RC yacht, in terms of sail area to weight ratios, and they should have great downwind speed, with the abilty to shift weight back to prevent nosediving.

Are they fast?

Who cares ifit’s fast. It looks more like a handful to control! Are you supposed to control the guy on the rail? Is there a keel & bulb? Can you totally capsize & what if you do?


Yep, you control the ‘crew’. If it capsizes, you use the ‘crew’ to right it. It looks great fun I reckon, but was after some first hand knowledge if anyone has any.

Try Doug Lord via email at “MicroSail” as he was, at one time, going to handle US distribution. That might have fallen through, but I believe he had/has one and could tell you more about it.

I picked up an A600 to have a play with, and while it takes some getting used to it is very good fun and for its size rather rapid. Should imagine the APS is very quick.
It will capsize, this is handled by winching the crewman underwater (cruel…) and using his/her buoyancy to bring the boat almost upright and swung into the wind. When in this position the crewman can be winched to windward righting it completely. Great fun in a breeze and waves!

I guess I like a “traditional” keel with a long fin with bulb, even as far as getting it to cant.
But something about this thing is appealing…

Not that I’d buy one.
I like the idea of the outboard ballast, though not a new concept, just well done here. Would take a lot for me to used to seeing a GIJoe hiking off my yacht.

Is there a class (or plans for one) for these boats? Certainly a skiff class would be worthwhile.

What does it cost?