Anyone sailing Azetone ?

Hi all,

I’ m currently looking for a new IOM. I’m interrested in buying a Azetone mkII kit:

This swedish design seems quite popular in scandinavian countries and looking at ranking from various local events, she seems to perform as well.

I’d be glad to hear from anybody having sailed this yacht.

Any suggestions on other decently priced IOM kits easily available in E-U are welcomed too.



I was seriously interested in the Azetone, but my choice went for the Ares.

I think a few guys also sail the Azetone in Germany, you might check the German IOM forum.

You also have the Meterboat from Sweden.

For more details, check my web. Funnybones, also a member of this forum sails one too…as I didnt yet race mine, I cant give you official results, but Funnybones will surely do!

Yup Ares sails better than I do, that’s for sure. But, for the price, I wouldn’t swap it for anything. Anyway I was beating a Cockatoo today as often as he was beating me and I can have about two Ares for the same price in 1/10 the delivery time. I really think Darren sells it too cheap and, pschologically, that can be a mistake as people associate cheapmess with lack of speed. And speed it has. Wish I could do it a bit more credit tho’


Hi Wis

The Ares should be the right choice for someone looking for ready to race boat. I’d prefer spend a few hours on assembly+ paint job and save a lot more on the price tag.
You can get a complete kit from Azetone including RigA, RMG280D and radio for 700 Euros. Getting the equivalent from German distributor you mentionned for Ares would cost at least 1400 Euros (radio excluded).

Same problem with the Bagheera from meterboat. Although the Bagheera is too much of a wide hull design for my taste.

Anyway thanks for the input !


Actually, Darren may do a kit. Not a bad idea for those who want to spend less and do more.


Nick you are right! I have been looking at providing an unfinished yacht, and was planning to add it to the catalogue when I do a major siteupdate in a few weeks.

What I will be offering is the assembled yacht, keel and rudder primed with 2 pack primer, will not include deckfittings or bulb. It will also include the rigging guide and Searle-RCY/Ares Decals.

The price for this Kit option will be aus$775 plus packaging and Air frieght.


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Just a quick update…

I took the plunge and ordered an Azetone mkII IOM compete kit this morning.

Details pics of Azetone IOM can be seen here:

interesting rudder!

Indeed… looks like a copy of a hunting knife blade :smilebig: