Anyone know what hull this is ?

Hello All
Bought this boat on Ebay from Florida, Cocoa area. It is an RG65, just not sure what design or who designed it. Any help in identifying it would be appreciated. I would also like to pick up or make a swing rig for it.
Thank you

Looks much like a home build, and designs are many for the class. You might want to ask the seller about previous buyer/builder information. If it had sail numbers before your purchase, you can check with the class secretary, Eric Rosenbaum, and if registered he might have a design name. Identification is pretty difficult, but you may get a lot of guesses on the design.

May want to look here for some good information on building a new swing rig for the boat.

You can contact Eric via this link as well.

Good luck


Hello Dick
I was unable to get any info from the seller ! I did send a note to Eric and he doesn’t recognize it. I have done a bunch of looking at pics on the web and the boat hull looks a lot like an AC-65A and the dimensions seem to match up except for the sloped transom on mine.
The AC-65A was designed by Claudio D, so if he reads this maybe he can give me some insight.
Thank you

See other tread.
Side view look very close, but top view with large transom is different.
With my drawing you may cross check the dimensions.

I believe it an early art lent boat but not completely sold it is
the Titusville club have members that are building there own designs as well.

I have finished getting the boat back in sailing condition and tried my hand at sailmaking as well ! The shape came out pretty good for my first effort. I used the Claudio method, very easy to do, thanks Claudio ! I built the swing rig using tips from Eric’s blogs,and pics…boy that super glue sets fast on Carbon !! Took it out on the water for a couple of hours , playing with different settings.
Here are a few pics

Nice looking boat, now that you got it all cleaned up. How does it sail - any chance for a comparison with another RG65 ?


Very nice set of Sails !

They look absolutely fantastic - difficult to believe you’ve not made any before, congratulations!!



The boat went well from the launch, until the winds picked up and the water got lumpy. Then I had to move the jib boom forward and a few other adjustments to deal with the weather helm. I was able to correct that, but I won’t know how fast it really is until I sail against others. The boat seems really quick downwind in the heavier air. Any RG65 sailors in the NW who want to do some sailing ? I have sailed a few times with my Marblehead with the group up in Sequim, Wa. , Fridays is sail what you have, so I sail against the IOM guys up there. Lots of fun, but not a whole lot of water for an M. Also, I am still of working age , so I have to take a vacation day to sail with them.