Anyone know the website?

Some time ago there was a group from Australia (If I remember correctly) who were doing some very innovative things with boats about 30 inches long. I think they were working on some of the same issues we are dealing with in Footy development, and would like to steal some of their ideas :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I lost the link to their website, and it may be gone by now.

I this rings a bell with anyone, I’d appreciated any leads to their work.

Thanks…Bill H

Bill, Are you sure it wasn’t the Panache II in Ontario (that would be Canada:graduate: ): here’s a link to the class

here’s a link to a Panache II offered commercially, it looks like a site in kiwiland, but I can’t be sure

Or, was it the mini soling class:


oops, pasted the wrong link . . .:scared: (mini soling)

and here is a link to Australian clubs, one of which may jog your memory, some have web-sites, some not:


It was never really an official club and I dont think it exists anymore.

It was called the 750mm Model Yacht Association and was setup by some crazy guys I used to work with. (I fitted right in)

From memory the only rule was LOA was 750mm. They had 1500mm high rigs, really deep fins, T-foil rudders, kite sails just about anything you can think of.

Unfortunately shows you the link to the site but its not up anymore.


That was the one, Tranth…too bad it’s gone, 'cause they were really getting creative.

If anyone has pics or plans from the site, I’d appreciate it if you could send them to me at

Bill H

Bill H

This may be what you are looking for


Good find.

Thats it.

Thanks very much Owena…your first post is much appreciated. Welcome to the Footy world.

Bill H