Anyone ever tried team racing with models?

Take 6 one design boats+their skippers, devide into two teams. Race them using all the rule bending, tactical skill and boat handleing to take out the other team. 1st place=1 point, 2nd=2 and so on. Team with the most points loses. But does anyone do it with models? Would be fun im thinking…

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

They really weren’t models - more like “just good lookin’ women” !

Yep. I know of a regatta every year that does this. The IOM skippers go up to Canada to do this. Only one US team went there last year. Here’s a link to an article

lol, sorry dick, didnt want to know about that kind of team tacktics…[;)]

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

We have a few races like that over here, lots of fun. Very funny the first time we did it, one of the skippers"forgot" who was on his team and took out his own team members. still to this day gets revved out about it.

One time we did it we also swapped boats, the then commodore had a go at one of the members when that members boat pitchpoled… the problem was the commodore was actually steering that boat. (He says he forgot and was watching the boat he owned instead)