Anyone drawn a multi using Maxsurf?!

I’m trying to draw a tri using maxsurf, Ive come up with main hull and ama designs, and beams woulden’t be that hard to draw, but can you put them all togeter?

Luff 'em & leave 'em.


Iam not Maxsurf user but use hullform 9e.

Also Iam a leadbelly fan so what’s “ama”? I have seen the abbreviation before.


Luff 'em & leave 'em.

simple [:-dunce]I should have thought of that!!!

Dear Matthew,
do you need those 3D-drawings,renderings, etc. -for promotion, for more exact calculations - or for what purpose? -
Although I’m the last person, who is against new technologies, high-tech or improvements,
I had to cognite that Mr. James Wharram (a world famous, but quite old fashioned styled catamaran designer)has been right about this matter:
“There is LOW-tech, HIGH-tech and APPROPRIATE-tech!” -
So my question is, if it is ‘appropriate’- if you ‘just’ want to design a rc-trimaran-model - to spend all this time at the computer - instead of just shaping the hulls out of a block of foam or cutting the cross sections out of balsa and stripplank the hulls? -

This is no attempt, to invalidate your interests - I had to ask myself the same questions some years ago. -
My answer had to be:NO, it is NOT appropriate! -

Practical example:
My F60 RC-Trimaran - “Daydreamer”! -

For designing it, I just needed some millimeter-
paper, a pencil and a ruler -
For calculating it, I just needed my old, tiny calculator -
For building it, I needed foam, epoxy, fibreglass and some carbon -
For completing it, I needed 300 hours, about 1000 bucks - and the patience of my wife -
And for showing it to others - I needed a camera and THEN my computer-
So here it is:

Download Attachment: [ F60 - DAYDREAMER.jpg]( - DAYDREAMER.jpg)

More pictures of it are at:

If you have questions about this model - or just want some linedrawings, please contact me at:

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls