anyone building trimarans?

hi ive just joined the site so this is my first post on here i recently received some plans from a guy in austria for a trimaran shes called the nightmare .the plans look very nice and the pics of the boat also look very nice.i have never built or sailed a multi hull but id like to not a newcomer to building boats so i know how to do it,id just like some feedback off people doing the same as me or anyone who knows of this boat etc.any help or info would be appreciated.if there are other boats that have plans available preferably free that you would recomend id love to hear about them.i allready have the ghost train plans .thanks for the replys in advance .

a few links just in case:

As for Ernst:censored::banghead::pissed:

thanks for the links ,what was that about ernst for? are you saying this isnt a good boat to build or something else?.like i said im new to the site and new to tri,s im looking for info on the boat in question or any alternatives that would be better for me?.thanks.

Visit AMYA web pages (American Model Yacht Association) and correspond with Bill Hojnacki who has a couple of hulls and floats of the NIGHTMARE design available in the Classified “For Sale” section. I don’t think cost plus freight will be attractive (he’s in Hawaii) but he certainly can tell you about the design and the designer. Both good and bad about Ernst ! Bill Hojnacki had (at one time) 3 or 4 boats in various states of completion. One that is often featured as a US F-48 is number 5, originally built here in the US, sold to Bill who sialed itin Hawaii and has since sold it to Australia. Look for “HOJ” in members section for email.

You can also email “BEACHBUM” who is a sailor in Finland that has one of the NIGHTMARE designs sailing as well. You can find his info under “members”.

it seems the Nightmare got some critical design flaws, as for Ernst, you don’t want me to discuss his case online

Take a look on-line for the following designs …

GHOST TRAIN - quite a few built and sailing - line free from the Kiwi site of Alan Hayes
WATER RESIST - French design free from Jean Margail designer
And try Traplett Publications for (purchase) …
and within the UK - if you can connect with Peter Friend, he has plans for PULSE - sorry but I have no contact infor for him. Possibly through Andy Wright. If you get an email, please PM me with it as I have his plans, but no way to connect now that my UK contact is deceased (Mike Howell)

and here is the link to Alan Hayes’ site if you haven’t already found it…

cheers guys so are you saying the other boats are better designs than this one?,ill check them out !!.all your help is appreciated thanks.

I don’t know who could have judged the flaws as I had all the boats but one which is in Norway and he loves his. I thought the Nightmare #5 was very fast and easy to sail. Was twice as fast as my 10R Sterne Viper with his swing rig. I did not complete the other boats as no one would sail #5 because they were afraid of it’s speed. I wanted to compare them to each other. I have sold #5 to an Australian and every thing else to Ian Sammis. I didn’t know Ernst was selling plans. It might just be top and side views with no shadows. I was going to make shadows but no one was interested. I did not like the helicopter blade fins but it tacked very well. I had designed my own but got into IOM’s.

Can’t seem to edit. MKII is in Findland. MKI in Australia. MKIII, MKIV, MKV in Kansas.

hi thanks for the reply i received the plans from ernst for free he didnt charge me and i have all the plans for frames ,side views and sails etc.he was very helpfull and sent them to me with all the mesurements and spacings to complete the build.also some instructions on how to do glad to hear the boat you had was fast did you build it yourself or buy the hulls?.any picture of the boat would be nice if you have any.i must also say ive never read anything bad about this boat since ive been searching for info on it.any info you can give me on this boat would be great thanks.