Anybody using 2.4HZ DSM2??

Been fighting programming on my Hitec Flash system X transmitter and took it my local hobby shop only to hear it is not working properly.

My A-600 Skiff is almost ready for it’s first sail!

Bought a Spektrum DX6I Transmitter and Reciever, very interesting…anyone using these?

came with this reciever:

i am using one right now for this season… i got the dx5e… and have done a few test. and i cant see a problem… i do know that the dsm2 does not work on model subs, something to do with the signal not going though water… but i have seen a few people using these radios at the pond side… my dsm2 is going into my marblehead

hope it works for you

Interesting, their website states they do not have a Marine specific system yet but that many have had great success with these in RC boats.

About half of the fleet at the last several Victoria class regattas were using DX6, DX6i, or DX7 systems. I’ve had mine in boats for three years, first DSM, now DSM2 with no issues.

Don’t use them inside a carbon fiber hull, and don’t use them where the antennas will be under the waterline and you should be OK.

The DX5i is your basic transmitter, just on 2.4ghz.

The DX6, DX6i and DX7 are computer type radios with model memorys, adjustable endpoints, dual rates, mixes, etc.

Good to hear, while my A-600 Skiff has very low freeboard, I plan on placing both recievers in ballons or similar and sticking to the underside of the deck with velcro.

They do have a new reciever designed for use CF “Fuselages”

The computer radio was needed so I can adjust the endpoints and rates especially of the drum winch that operates the balasted hiking crew and also the short swing sail arm so it does not travel too far.

Bummed they gave me only the Male Bind Plug, the instructions show Male and female, stopping by the shop I bought it at and requesting both plugs.

Have not been able to Bind the reciever to the transmitter yet.

Planning on using the same transmittter for my KAP kite camera rig for travel.

I love my spektrum dx6 with the ar6000 receiver. I have dipped my receiver in corrosion X (another form of aeroplate) and they have gotten wet with no adverse affects.

with a bunch of boats, its nice being able to set up each boat special. just have to remember if you program different models to make sure you don’t plug in the battery and receiver while the tx is programmed for a different model…I ended up stripping som gears on my sail servo on 507…oops… my vic went form being 2oz heavy to 2oz light with the change from AA and Fm to lipo and DX… quick easy albeit, expensive, diet

but the best thing is no interference and channel swapping. which is the biggest advantage

Welcome saildoggie, nice to see another JB fan on board…

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