Anybody out there have a Saphir?

I’m new to this site, new to the sport, and have enjoyed reading what’s up here. My first boat is a Saphir that I built from a kit, you gotta love German instructions. I sail all by myself up here in Interior Alaska. My biggest competition is the beavers!

Hi aptk,

Apart from the fact that Graupner really should make an effort to translate their building instructions, the instructions itself are not bad, most of my dutch sailing friends who own one have managed to get the boat together, ofcourse it helps when your biggest neighboring country is Germany…
The Saphir is a very good sailer, I love to compete with them, sailing my Thunder Tiger Voyager.
The Saphir sails that come with the kit are ok, but not very good (due to the painted/printed section and the not treated section), most make their own after a while.

Regards, Jan.

Boaters are nice people.

hi aptk,tom here i am in the middle of a saphir and i know what you mean about instructions .i’ve just got mine painted so now it’s time to rig it.this is my first sailboat so i’really lost.i too am like you i live in yuma,arizona and ther is nobody here that i have been relying on these forums to help me. they’ve been very helpful.good luck, tom

Hi, this is my first post here and I’m waiting for the Saphir to arrive in the mail. As it’ll be my first R/C sailing boat any help would be most welcome.

Well, it arrived, the odd awkward feature of construction solved (in no small way, thanks to pompebled’s compatriots) and has got wet.
The sails (just visible) cost less than €1.00 in materials.
Btw, the instructions were in English, French and German.