Antigua RC Sailing

As promised…a few shots from last weekend in Antigua. About 20 boats, racing in 3 classes in beautiful warm open water! The “Box” managed to win both the 5 and 6 ft. classes (with transom scoop added for 6’ class) and the final "Champion of Champions Race; a pursuit start between winners of 5,6, and 7 ft classes.

This is pretty serious stuff here in the Islands with spectator boats, betting on race outcomes, collisions and protests! Was also a big rush to be picked up on the US site, Sailing Anarchy today!

There are a few more photos on the SA site. When I asked the crew to “bring back lots of pictures” I hardly expected a mix of 2500 total images!!!

A great project with an exciting, happy ‘ending’.

Bill F.

Nice looking boats, and what a beautiful area!

Are these boats distinctive to these Islands or wider distribution ?
Are there any rules published for them ?
They look most impressive.

Rule considers LOA only; your choice of 5, 6, or 7 ft classes with some sort of “grandfather” rule allowing 5’ boats to actually be 65" long. EVERYTHING else is up to you. Our 5 ft. boat was 65" LOA and we added a 7" transom “scoop” which was part of our original design to compete in the 6’ class after winning the 5’ class. Amazing part of this is that it’s dominated by the island natives who have fallen in love with RC sailing. Final results of the 20+ boat regatta were actually on the Antigua radio stations the next day. I’ll post a few more pix later today. We’ll probably get something on youtube after we manage to edit all the video and still pictures over the next week or so.


Here’s a bit of youtube in slideshow form from Antigua.