Another UK Footy- Derby

Got a bit bored so I built a Footy. I used to sail Marbleheads many years ago. I have built the Papaya III. Bit simple and the rig seems to be desparate for a jib boom. Anybody have comments on this as a begginers boat. Would it be better with a conventional luff rather than the mast pocket? Also what do folk make the battens from. I made the sail from florists film but the battens are hard to get right. I think mine are too stiff.

Hey UshCha,

I’ve build a Papaya too (well, that is: I’ve build a Papaya with a Flatfoot hull :wink: )
My experience with this combination is that it will not work. It didn’t want to sail straight. OK, I know. It is a “new” design. It could work, when you put some effort in it.
I didn’t.
I build a Razor instead. I sailed good, without any change. (All I did was add two extra locations for the mast to place: one 1 cm to the bow and one 1 cm to the rear. I started with the mast in the center position and ended in the rear position.

Papaya looks nice, as it has all the building instructions, but I won’t advice it. My advice is to go for a Razor instead.

Good luck with your Papaya. When it really works, please tell me. Maybe you can convince me :wink:


I built one and it worked quite well but it was hull and sails. It did need a jib boom to keep it down. I have built it but have yet to try it.

It gets worse, Started a second hull yesterday. Friends wahant a go so I figure a small fleet of 2 would be good. Alaso It will let me try diffrent configurations and try them togehter. Anybody got srcap Lama V4 transmitters or recivers. Blown recivers still have two chanells left! ;-).


Where are you based ? I am in Derby U.K.



I’m Dderby UK , Alvaston Tel 752513. So far only had 5 min at the burton club and a few sails on the canal at swarkstone bubble. Anywhere else? Love to hear from you. Somebodies in most week nights so If i’m not there leave a contact number and I will call back.