Another Sighting

Well while in the yard today helping my old man out with his boat I stumbled upon this beauty. The new “Sjambok” (IRC 45), retractable propoeller and all. Just a gorgeous boat for those who love the Ultra-modern look, although she didn’t have the bow sprit attached. Attached are a few pics I snapped, yes I had the camera this time.

That is a beast!

gorgeous! i love big boats in grey… and that is an esspecially pretty one… did i ever tell you guys that Talisman the TP 52 is on the hard in my local boat yard?:smiley: thats another really pretty grey boat… was there when i was there last… i haven’t been in about three months…]

Hey Angus, isn’t that MY LINE!!!:devil3::sly::rolleyes:

Nice looking boat !

I’m curious, do you recall what the posted sign said? Maybe “No Photos Please” - or “Do Not Touch”? Doubt it was a “For Sale” sign !


If you are referring to the sign on the transom it was a standard “NO TRESPASSING” with stating that Violators would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I sort of thought it might have said no photos also so that is why I checked.