Another Season, Another Excuse

Anixous to get started in 2006, yesterday I pitted my ODOM against a fleet of US 1 Meters. On the third race of the day I really hit the start, within a second or less of the horn, at least a boat length ahead of the nearest boat.

Not falling apart after the start as usual, I found myself second, a boatlenght behind a Venom at the weather mark. As I rounded and let sails out, my pants fell down around my knees. So standing there showing my white briefs in from of the typical large crown of sunday picnicers at our beautiful lake I was trying to grasp and pull up my pants while steering my boat, which has wicked lee helm, and of course I had no neck strap on the radio. After a few minutes of me hopping and the boat gyping, I laid the radio on the ground to pull my pants back up and the boat goes screaming out 90 degrees from the course.

Naturally I end up last again.

Oh how I miss having a crew to blame.

Hmmm. I think perhaps you were fortunate not to be disqualifid under Rule 69.1. Lack of good manners, bringing the sport into disrepute etc :wink:

Just kidding - I just jealous that you have water of the liquid variety and can still go sailing. Despite warm temperatures here, our ponds are mostly solid.

I don’t know how you would blame you crew for that one.-- They sabotaged my suspenders maybe.

Maybe you should use some of the sheeting cord to hold up your pants.


You need some visible means of support.( aka - suspenders).

Don M.

I say…DAmn the suspenders… full speed ahead. Stand there proudly man and let the Fruit of the Loom fly in the wind. The damage is done… might as well win the race!

I agree with Larry. If you are going for the win let it all hang out. LOL

Well it was! You need to visual that Lake Balboa is the prettest park in the LA area, and on weekends it is very crowded with picnicers, bikers, walkers, people sitting on a slope above the part of the Lake that we race on watching the pretty little boats.

As a test of focus, of the 10 guys racing, only one noticed my pants fall down, they were all focused on their boats, if not I might have recoved while they were laughing.

When I was in college and shortly afterwards, I played billiards for reasonable amounts of money with the same group of pilots from my squadron. I did OK… but one night when my girlfriend sat on a barstool in 5" heels and a micro-miniskirt I sure was winning more than my share. I would say that a distraction is worth 10 boat lengths.