Another one hits the water

On a virtually windless day on the River Avon (Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK) my Kittywake took to the water. Using my first attempt at sailmaking on a Mac rig she even managed to make way against the current…

A few bits that still need sorting and a lot of work on the sail…



She looks very good.

I notice that you have taken the poly-bag sail to heart. We are all too old to enter the Games Workshop.

I see that you have also used the “Sanderson adhesive polymorphic outhaul-downhaul -and-circulation-adjuster” or sticky tape to fix the sails

Hope to see you on the water soon


I have always been too old for GW, but I still have a huge Orc army…

One problem I found with the tape, was that it’s reaction to the ambient temperature was different to the sails, I have now replaced the luff tape with Duck tape; only as a temporary measure of course :smiley:

I was still very pleased that in virtually no wind she still managed to sail against the current and in front of an audience too; but I have to say that it would have been much easier on a pond.


From time to tim, I just feel a little bit depressed that I haven’t done anything yet and see that a lot of people take some time to build at least one Footy …

Looks like you made a nice job of her Mark. Good looking sail, you have great looking bags there :slight_smile:


Thanks Graham, she sailed beautifully despite the somewhat suspect sail and the almost total absense of wind. I spent yesterday evening recutting the sail and have also “found” of acres of potential sailcloth :smiley:
Hopefully one of the other Kittywakes being built at the club will be finished soon as it will be interesting to match the Mac rig against the standard one
Cheers for a great boat


You may have christened her “in the Red”, but its only a small debit:D

Nice pics on Karen’s website -
I have been studying the bow-on closeup and wonder what the transverse feature just behind the mast location is? Looks a bit like a carbon rod through a couple of eyes?
Its not a spinnnaker boom izzit?

I love the nice radii on your Z-bend - perhaps we need to find a new name for it if the curves catch on?

I have modified all the above-deck fittings on my RAV-the-Razor because the sail control eyes and mast step tube used to stick above the box, and this was pointed out by Roger Stollery, no less. The ones at the bow are more critical than tillers, etc on the rear decking since they sit in the box bow-up

Not criticising, Mark, lovely job and I hope that I don’t see too much of her transom.

The transverse carbon rod is part of a cunning mainsheet traveller idea that I am working on.

The theory of easy radius bends is to provide some “give” in the rig as I am using stiff carbon spars.

As the Kittywake has a relatively shallow keel I wasn’t too worried about the protusions; however the next boat (Simply Red ?) w ill fill the box that is a very valid point.
With regard to the transom… That is the nicest part :smiley:

Hi Mark,
Found this forum at last!
My freesailing (hollowed out) balsa footy will go sailing tomorrow, I hope! Looks very different to anything I’ve seen on here, but won’t have the volume for remote control. Currently being inspired by scow moths in my design for the next one - that is if cats aren’t allowed!


Great to hear of another footy hitting the watter.

My footy Sloice is 14mm wide - one AA cell wide - and when I can afford a receiver narrow enough to fit will take her place in history (I might sail her with infra red control in the meantime - THAT will confuse the frequency control:D)

Gary S has also sailed (and sunk) footys of infinitesimal volume, so there may be hope - give us some sizes and pics, please:D


Maybe she would be big enough then! Must find out about remote control, as I’m a novice at not being in the boat when sailing (apart from when the toestraps have broken, of course!) Is there a thread on the forum about what to buy?
I’ll try and remember a camera tomorrow.

Finished my Scale sailing Pin Tail. Sailed it on two ocasions so far with some fun and lots of frustration. The yachts is Ok its me thats crap but I am working on it. Tricky things to sail especialy after one mtrs. Second project a Kittywake again from Scale sailing is coming on well and should be finished by next week end. If any of you see a short fat bald headed gentleman trying to master one of these little boats please make yourself known I can use all the help I can get. Good sailing Bob

Robert - come to Liverpool/Birkenhead first weekend of July for a Footy Fest with star players plus myself (used to be meteorite) who will show you lots of things. Don’t be shy about it: what is pretty cnsistent about Footys is that they are sailed by kind-hearted and helpful nutcases.

Look forwrd to seeing you!:zbeer::zbeer::zbeer::zbeer:

Rupert, what time tomorrow; it might be a good idea for me to take Karen out for some therapy :smiley:

Well, the man has the “nutcase” part correct at least! Just kidding, I can’t imagine a more friendly group than the footy crew… (no pun intended):stuck_out_tongue:

Mark - I’m working at the printer this morning (well, working might be a bit strong - attending) and teaching juniors in the afternoon, so I guess it will be later on in the afternoon. She might not sail at all, of course…

Rupert, providing Karen is ok we will be there, will bring Kittywake and let you sample the delights of radio control :smiley:

Many thanks Angus. Will try and get to Liverpool as sugested. Just one thing more I am listed as a junior memeber must be the oldest one in the country, Good sailing Bob

Rupert and I managed some water time at Whitefriars SC this afternoon…
The photgraphic eveidence is on

There is also some “sideways” movie footage (right click and save as…)

Good to see you today, Mark and Karen! My freesailer (needs a name…Freebird? hmmm shows my age…) had a good 1st sail, and now has a proper skeg and will be getting a better plastic bag rig after a few more experiments tomorrow, I hope. Currently bamboo technology rules on the spars, but a visit to the model shop next weekend beckon sfor carbon rod and remote controls! Then comes the new hull. Ah, well, it is much cheaper than restoring dinghies!