Another newbie sailor

Hello from Washington. New to sailing but have built a lot of static models, wood models, rc planes & cars and I do a bit of woodwork and furniture building. Recently purchased my first rc sailboat kit, a dumas hudson 24", to begin building this week and given the age and experience of most of the members on this sight am hoping to use you all as my sailing related q&a resource. In return I am willing to post a build thread of this and any future kits for your critique and enjoyment.

Just a quick question, where should I post a build log?

Depends on what you plan to build. We have some specific and dedicated classes - unfortunately, there is no specific forum topic for Dumas kits. You can also start a new thread within the general forum titled General Discussion - since it is a boat that doesn’t have it’s own dedicated class thread. Finally, you can always use the “Blog” area of the forum. Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the reply. I will do that later this evening.