Another Modest Proposal--Pay Per Post

We all know that this site is a labor of love on Chad’s part and that the costs of operation come solely out of his pocket.

Some of us have also seen the recent “hoax” that has been going around the internet that claimed that the US Government was planning on charging a tax of US five cents for each e-mail sent. Although this clearly isn’t true, it got me thinking…

I’ve noticed that some of the people out there who use this froum are also in the business of selling boats, parts and equipment to r/c sailors. It could even be argued that some of these manufactuers maybe use this site as a way to promote their products for free.

My idea then is a simple one–let the manufactuers who are posting about their products help defray the costs of operation (maybe even put a little money into Chad’s pocket, heck he deserves it). So for example, each time a manufactuer started a thread about some technology they are also selling they would pay $20 and have a label on that thread with their name as its sponsor. (For Example, “This IOM Discussion Brought to You by Sails, Etc.”) Similarly, everytime a manufactuer responded to a post by mentioning some technology or product they are selling, they would pay say $5 and also receive a nice label on their post like “This Response Is a Paid Promotional Annoucement by BG Yachts”. If the manufactuer wanted to claim that his product was better than a competitor’s, he would pay another $5 as a surchage. If he wanted to claim his products were unique and the best in the world, for the right to make that claim, I would think another $10 or $20 wouldn’t be too much.

And there is more…A paid “Insult Zone” could be established. All the name calling would go to one single place and a fee per insult would be charged. If you wanted to call someone “ignorant”? $1. Want to make up cute nicknames for people you don’t like (remember that classic “oldretrofartdude”?), pay $2 and the insult is yours.

Really, the possibilities are endless. If by some chance a manufactuer was the most prolific poster to this site, Chad could pay for the board and probably have enough money left over to pay moderators! I know its only a dream, but we all can dream.

Geeze Roy -

If this was retroactive - I think a few might be bankrupt right now[8D]

How about if this flies, we start new and fresh. That way I don’t have to sell the kids to make up my past-due payments?[}:)]

i like that idea, but how would you regulated it. who is a company and who is just joe blow talking about making a bulb out of plaster? i agree with the idea that we have to watch our langauge here. but i like what i see on the thread rc trainer. usualy people are attacking each other but on that thread , it seems that they are actualy talking to each other

cougar, I can’t help but luv ya!

wait a one second greg
you like me.? wow
normaly you are saying I am wrong

No,…your wrong about that cougar…


that is all i am going to say. greg is telling me I am wrong AGAIN

New year is finish[:-angel]…time to stop all the liquor I guess (no offense!!!)[:D]


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


Ever read any Johnathan Swift?

(Note the similarity in that title to the title of this thread…)

I knew that high school English Lit class would come in handy some day…

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Will Gorgen


wow that was deep.
i do something wrong again?
hi matt


Roy’s “Modest Proposals” are very similar to Johnathan Swift’s original - not meant to be taken literally. They are meant to highlight the ridiculousness of the situration through a satirical solution. Greg “luvs ya” because your post about how one might regulate such a system demonstrates that you took Roy’s idea seriously. Wis suggested that perhaps you had been drinking a bit too much.

By the way, Dick, If you do have to sell your kids to pay your bill, I know some food processing plants that will by them with a good price per pound…

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Will Gorgen

“I ea’t a baby…” Mike Myers as “Fat Bastard” in the Austin Powers films

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Chad could pay for the board and probably have enough money left over to pay moderators!<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”></font id=“quote”>
Yes please!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

take a pill
i like greg. and roy and matt and most of ya. i did not take it serious. and if anyone knows me. I am very laid back i take offense to no one. so relax, i even read dougs post:-)
Will i knows ya luvs me tooo
i am on starboard

Hold your course!

I luvs ya Cougar.

No offense intended… You just seemed a little confused, so I was trying to help you out.

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