Another convert.

Hello to all the members here. I’m another novice at this rc sailing stuff, born and raised on the prairies there just wasn’t much sailing going on in my neighborhood, so 55 years later I’ve taken the plunge and built my first sailboat. I do have experience in balsa bashing, with a fleet of free flight aircraft, one scratch built electric RC model, and 3 RC gliders which get out as often as the weather allows. On a recent bike excursion to Cypress Hills (Southern Alberta) to check out camping and flying spots, found a beautiful little lake and for some reason the first thought that popped into my head was “What a wonderful spot for a model sailboat!” Within days I had googled plans, forums, and as much other info as I could find, and now a few weeks later I’ve finished my first Footy. Thought that might be a good first attempt. Based on the Razor 3 it’s a bit bigger than it was supposed to be (15") and with different sails, but overall with the help of people on the Yahoo Footy groups page I’ve got the beast sailing! Right from the first time those sails picked up a breeze and the boat moved under it’s own power I was hooked. So I’ll attach a pic of my pride and joy for now while I start thinking about what’s next. This one was cobbled together with material I had laying around, the next one will be more purposeful and I could use some suggestions about what that should be. I have been looking at the Jif65, the Star45, or trying to take a stab at something like Joshua Slocums Spray. Very cool little boat that I could maybe do as a stand off scale model about 24" long. Just not sure yet, and as I have no experience in how these things should sail, as long as it floats and moves I’m a happy guy.

One quetion right off the bat, with this next project in the thinking stage and the idea to try making something better, where is there a supplier of all the bits and pieces I’ll be needing. Proper masts and fittings, sail material, etc. Seems to be pretty dry around these parts. Thanks


P.S. Not sure how to attach pics, so for now a link to a short video on my U-tube account.


It’s good that you have the experience of building & operating r/c stuff. There’s the sailing part, which you’ll pickup easily. That only leaves getting to a pond or lake, or pool.

Check out the site, and remember the search feature is there to help you locate information.

Where are you in Alberta. There is a lonely IOM sailor/builder in Calgary by the name of Andrew. You can email him at andrew dot baak at calgary dot com


Thanks guys. Already got 2 spots right in the city and of course the original lake which is an hour and a half drive for those “special” days. I have found some of my glider experience handy in learning how to make the little boat go, reading the wind, just in a different way, and a certain familiarity with a transmitter and the controls.

John, I’m in Medicine Hat so yes, I will try to e-mail Andrew. The Hat is about 3 hours from Calgary and makes a nice day trip, except now I may have to make some stops along the way at all those little pools, lakes and dugouts!