Another BOX

This is an Idea I came up with having followed the ‘Ranger plans and pics’ thread and the ‘Antigua RC sailing’ tread, but since it’s slightly ‘off topic’ thought it probably should appear as a new thread. The hull is a very very simple Depron sheet construction. Today’s test sail in gusty conditions was very pleasing but without another Footy to sail with you’re never quite sure of the performance.
The all up ready to go sailing weight is 360g and so far it’s proving to be a water tight and strong enough construction.

Thanks to:
Bill for the Ranger thread and ‘air build’ suggestion,
Bill for the Antigua thread and 5 foot Box,
Scott for the Depron and Por impact adhesive advice
Walt for the fast setting epoxy idea for the places impact adhesive just won’t do
Neil for the fast to remove electronics tray tip

This forum really does share some great ideas!


Glad we could help, it is by sharing, and inspiring people to try new things that the hobby as a whole progresses

Certainly looks like you have a winner :slight_smile: