Angus Richardson

It is very unfortunate, that we must wait for a great person to pass on before we are able to know about them. Of course, in this case it takes so many to properly describe the man, and person behind. For those who have posted of his personna, my special thank yous as they lend themselves and allow me to look back and learn “where” he was coming from. [smile]

Thank you for taking the time

Dick Lemke
Hastings Minnesota, USA

Roger Stollery has written a very good “official” obituary. It can be accessed from the front page of this site or by using

MasonK’s post #18 seems to cover aspects of Angus’ earlier life that most of us were unaware of.



It was very sad information for me…
Ever since I met Angus (I had the pleasure met him personaly in UK on Euro Footy GP 2009), I always thought of him as a man of great heart and disinterested friend, to whom I also owe a lot.

I know for sure that he has contributed immensely to the development of footy class in Poland (not only his beautiful gesture, when he has organized and funded a large part of the arrival of the Polish Footy Team - part of us stayed at his home).

He quite enjoyed seeing so many young Polish footy-skippers at the regatta in Birkenhead. He supported us with advice, equipment and models.
It was important to him that this class was not only “distinguished old gentlemen” but served more than ever, children and adolescents. He was very curious as to how it we managed in Poland.

For me he was very friendly and forgiving. When I apologized for my poor knowledge of English, said: “Pavel, you do not worry - go on - your English is still better than my Polish!”.

Recently twice we have failed to meet again. I hoped that I’ll see his this summer. I did not supposed, that I will have no time to complete an ongoing project, which was to be successive my thanks and little suprise for him - for his great help for all us in Poland.
I hope, that today he can swim through the peaceful heaven seas and see how many people regret that his have not already among us.

Thank you Angus once more. Rest in peace.

POL 01

Hello Pawel,

Late one evening before Angus and I were really friends, we were ‘falling out’ at the RCGroups forum… and I received a PM in which he told me in no uncertain terms to telephone him - ‘NOW’ ! - with his number in bold - including the code.

So - I did - and we talked for three hours…! :smiley:

During that ‘chat’ - he quizzed me for a good while about the idea of making a dozen simple ‘standard’ Footy-size models with which he could ‘supply’ a team of school children - so they could be coerced into learning how to sail model yachts - instead of sitting up all night playing on a Gameboy - or on a Play Station.

He had a vision of turning up at Eirias Park, or the lake at Llandudno - with a box full of transmitters and models in ready to sail trim… - and letting a class ‘have a go’ for the afternoon !

“Was it a good idea ?”
I didn’t know… all I knew was that it is terribly difficult to get my lad away from something he wants to do - and that many other children are like him.

Well, it seems Angus was certainly right about the Footy being the right size of model to attract younger modellers - and in various parts of the World, more children are now becoming interested.

Not in quite the way he was thinking about doing it, though…
Your country is certainly one with a good number of children participating.

Angus had quite a few ‘oddball’ ideas like that - and some worked pretty much immediately.
Some may take yet more time to develop fully…

Keven. :slight_smile:

I recall a long telephone conversation about the merits of the Viking hull form over which we argued at length. Not that I knew much about viking hull shapes but Angus did and it was just FUN to argue with him. I gave up when I discovered that he was quoting from the original sagas in the orginal language !!! I tried fooling him with Oggam but he knew those scratches on the wall too. The thing was his RANGE of knowledge - quite extraordinary.

A dear firend who provided such much cheerful conversation for so long. We will miss him a lot Sheila and me.

Charles & Sheila

My good friend Mark Steele from Auckland, a professional writer of marine modelling matters , has been so kindly to publish on his column " where the winds blow" ( on the well known website “duckworks magazine” ) an item about our great Angus.

I hope that the Ogre , from his cloud , will appreciate these words as well this nice picture with Bill.


PS see here

[SIZE=5]It’s already been two years since the death of our “Ogre” Angus, he will now undoubtedly happy to see that the footy class continues to grow but it is clear that this forum is no longer the same since missing his long posts and oddball ideas .

hello Angus …


Hello Flavio,

Yes - I have been thinking about Angus quite a bit since Saturday - I miss him a lot…
…and I doubt I’ll ever again meet an Ogre like him !

He envisioned a time when every child might want to ‘have a go’ at ‘playing Footy’. :wink:
It is a shame that more children do not make models like they used to.
Electronic games, the Internet, etc. etc.

The World is a different place than when he was young - and certainly a poorer one for the last few years without him to provide those oddball ideas.

Keven :slight_smile:

Hi all, hi Flavio,

Unfortunately, I am too young in the Footy Class to have known Angus but I join gladly in his memory. As host and organizer of the Footy Gold Cup 2013 at Le Havre, France, I propose to create the “memorial Angus richardson” which will reward the most innovative boat. This prize will be awarded for one year to the winner. It will be put into play every year during the next Footy Gold Cups.

This is the minimum that we can do to honor the memory of our mentor.


Thankyou, Jean-François…that’s very nice.


Dear Jean Francois, I agree with you.

A trophy in memory of our big friend would be the best way to honour his memory and to remember his invaluable contribute to our class start up.

Any suggestion about the prize ?

May he would be happy to see a golden plated beer pint as perpetual work of art.


Dear Flavio, dear Bill, dear all,

You know better than me (of course …) Angus, so I leave you free to choose the trophy you deem best suited to the memory of Angus.

Let’s use this forum for everyone to express their ideas.

That said, the idea of ​​a beer mug gold plated pleases me up on a nice base which will be engraved with the name and nationality of the future winners …



Flavio asked me to write the criteria for the new Angus cup. I tried to reflect Angus’s philosophy…to put myself in his shoes as I thought about it. As brief as it is, I still found it difficult to write, but Flavio and Jean-Francois seem to be happy with it. So here it is…hope you all like it.

Angus Richardson Memorial Cup

Angus Richardson is deservedly known as the father of the Footy class. Because of his wisdom, passion, dogged determination, and unselfish spirit, Footys developed into a truly international class recognized by 19 countries around the world.

A former big-boat designer, Angus loved designing and racing little boats that explored the limits of Footy design concepts, sophisticated construction methods, and new materials. He saw racing by skilled skippers as critical to developing Footys to their full potential. Angus realized though, that serious racing was not for everyone, and believed that much class racing was intimidating to beginners. He insisted that Footy regattas be comradely events of good cheer, and he strongly believed that the future growth of the class depended on Footy designs and events that had more universal appeal.

The Angus Richardson Memorial Cup rewards that very important part of his vision for the class… a boat with simple design, inexpensive materials, and easy construction that puts the fun of model sailing within the reach of anyone and everyone.

The Cup is awarded by popular vote at the annual Footy World Cup Regatta that Angus pioneered. Regatta participants will note the boat they think best personifies Angus’s vision of fun for all, and place their entry in the cup.

The winner will be encouraged to drink a beer from the cup in fond memory of another of Angus’s passions.

Hello everybody,

A lovely pewter engraved pint of beer to the memory of our dear friend who has disappeared too soon.

Congratulations to Eric Jankovic winner the trophy this year with his Footy Karo.

This trophy will be put into play next year at the Footy Gold Cup 2014.


Now that is what I would call The Auld Mug :slight_smile:

That is very gracious of you to do that.

Hello everyone,

I no longer have Angus to spur me into DOING something…
…and my own health is deteriorating to the point that I find myself awake and up-n-about at “silly-o’clock” much more often…

That time when Angus and I used to play “word-combat” over the phone for hours - between Burnley and Colwyn Bay…
…and so I find myself awake once more - at 3.15am, UK-time - and missing the “crotchety old fart” terribly…!

I was just bumbling around in Yahoo Groups Footy pages - and I found a typed reference to the Skimmer that he designed…
…and then found myself HERE ! :slight_smile:

Does anyone actually HAVE a drawing of the Skimmer ?
He and I talked (…argued :wink: ) about that model - he said it was the only way to get a Footy to plane !


I COMMEND your efforts to make a “living” memorial to “our Mentor” !

For future reference… the BEER, to be drunk from that cup, “The Auld Mug”… really MUST be Old Speckled Hen !
I lost count of how many times I “nipped out” to Tesco in Wrexham - for a dozen bottles ! ! ! :wink: :smiley:

Best wishes, and good sailing to ALL,

Keven. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone…

Over three years on - and I miss Angus.
For those that did not realise, he did not design ONLY model yachts…

For as long as this advert is “live” - here is a link - to the sale of a lovely example of his “art”…


I’m very intrigued. How did Angus recon you could “get a Footy to plane” ?
Does anyone out there have any details, about the Skimmer?


First up, are you the Phil of Slim fame ? I am Trevor and, if so, we met at Abington park and Two Islands last weekend.

All I have w.r.t Angus’ Skimmer are the attached bmp files :-

I cannot remember where they came from or even if there was any text with them. The bitmaps just suggest a very shallow and wide hull with a reward centre of buoyancy.




Thanks for posting the Skimmer files here !
I was only told of the ideas for drawings… in phone calls to/from Colwyn Bay.

Does anyone know who originally did them ?

Keven. :slight_smile: